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Wisdom's qoute

So, the truth is, there's not one path.
The truth is, there's not only one right path.
The truth is, all paths can be made to be the right path.
The truth is, that every individual has a different path.
And that different path that every individual is launching incrementally
— and amending constantly — that true path is known by Source
and is guided by Source if you will pay attention to the way you feel.

Abraham ♥

Just keep quiet
Just keep quiet
I am a slave of Love
I am a devotee of my Master
With me just talk about Him, nothing else
Don't talk about your suffering mind
Don't talk about your problems
If you don't understand this
Just keep quiet
Don't say anything
Keep quiet my Love
Keep quiet my Love
I got mad yesterday
Love saw me and said
I am coming, don't cry loudly, don't scream,
Just keep quiet, don't say anything
I said I'm scared of this
Love said, now it is gone, there is nothing here
Just keep quiet, don't say anything
I said, I whisper all of my secrets into your ears
It knows that
Don't speak with me with words
Don't say anything
Just keep quiet
In the path of Love
Such a great Master has been found
How beautiful is this journey with Him
But, don't say anything,
Just keep quiet.
I said, is he human or an angel?
Love said, he is not human or an angel,
He is something else
Don't say anything
Just keep quiet
I said, please tell me, who is he
I am getting mad of this unknowing
Love said, stay in this space, don't say anything, just keep quiet.
I said, I bow at your feet, please tell me, is he God?
Love said, Yes He Is.
But keep quiet, don't say anything.
Now is the time to move from this colourful and beautiful house
The dream of your life,
Just move out, just go,
Don't say anything, just keep quiet.
Keep quiet my Love,
keep quiet my Love
Just keep quiet,
Keep quiet my Love.

Rumi ♥

For the ego, self-inquiry is like being soaked in sulphuric acid.
When you persistently and genuinely analyse the 'I' sense in the light of self-inquiry,
things cannot continue living in the dark.
As truth reveals itself, untruth will simply dissolve.
The common mistake that is made,
even by so-called mature spiritual seekers,
is to become involved with and identified with what keeps arising in one’s consciousness.
But it is not about what keeps arising.
What matters is who you are, the one experiencing it.
In whatever form trouble comes,
identity must be looked at first, for it is here,
in the realm of personhood, that the apparent 'becomes' the actual.

By inquiring into the nature of the one in whom all of life appears as a play of contrasts,
and recognising that the 'person' is only the most intimately assumed thought arising from consciousness
- you sieve yourself out of confusion by discarding the false self-image.
Whatever you perceive phenomenally and whatever you perceive yourself to be
will now be seen in the great space of clear seeing.

See and verify:
this space, the Self, cannot be stained or injured.
It cannot be troubled or acquire any type of sin or merit or demerit,
for it is formless, infinite and impersonal.

This twist or shift of PERCEPTION from person TO presence TO Unborn Awareness,
will be recognised as the work and Beatitude of the Supreme Grace;
he great gesture of the Self to Itself.

Mooji ♥

Do not judge by appearances.
Do not even judge yourself.
You are a beautiful person just the way you are.
When I say “just the way you are,"
I am referring to your real Self, consciousness.
You are beautiful just the way you are,
not what you think you are, not what you appear to be,
not what the world shows you, but just the way you are right now.
When you are without thoughts, when you are without needs,
without wants, without desires, then you are God.
You are the universe. You are divine love. You are beautiful.
Yet when you begin to think about these things you deny it,
for you think about the past and the future
instead of staying centered in the eternal now.
You think of the mistakes you made in life.
You think about the dastardly things going on in this world.
You think about your future, about the so called recession.
You are enmeshed in maya. Do not continue to think this way.
Your true nature is total bliss, and you are in total bliss right now.
There is absoutely nothing lacking in your life.
But when you think about it, there is.
Therefore do not think. Stop thinking.
When you stop thinking all is well.
When you stop thinking there are no mistakes.
Do not concern yourself with the telephone, with your body,
with your affairs, what appears to be happening in the world.
These things shall pass and new things will come along.
It never ends. It never stops.
Thoughts can never bring you peace,
even if they are good thoughts,
for good thoughts lead to bad thoughts,
and bad thoughts lead to good thoughts.

You are to ask yourself
“To whom do these thoughts come?
Who thinks? Who is the thinker? I am? I am the thinker?
Then who am I?
What is the source of the I that thinks?
Where did this I come from? How did it originate?
Who gave it birth? What have I got to do with I?"

Wake up.
You are an asset to the human race,
an asset to your Self, an asset to God.
You are a wonderful person just the way you are,
just the way you are.

Robert Adams, &hearts

For all those whose Heart loves God and seek Truth,
may you come fully to the Realization of Truth in the Heart
and be Timelessly free and happy.
May you expand in Wisdom, Compassion, Love and Kindness, Selflessness.
May your Path be light and full of Grace
and may each who meet you on the way of the Heart
be so profoundly touched and inspired by
your Presence and Light, your Joy, your Openness,
your Purity of mind, your Silence, your Love,
that they in turn may begin to search within themselves
to find the Light that they recognise in you
and find rest and freedom for themselves.
Wherever you may be, wherever you are in this room or
out on the street or on the other side of this camera watching,
but will see it another time,
may this blessing continue to permeate the ether into
space and find the Hearts of those who seek Freedom,
who love Truth, who love God and who are compelled to find Freedom
in this beautiful time here in Rishikesh that has been provided by the Universe,
by the Grace of God, that we have come together
from so many different parts of the world
as One Family with One Seeking, One Heart,
to come to the very core of our nature.
We give gratitude to That Power
which has arranged such gatherings for human beings
to explore into their True Nature.

May this blessing stretch to your families
and those you care for and those beyond the reach of your perception,
who also are in search of Truth, so that we on this planet
will raise the level of Consciousness and Intelligent Existence,
so that the fruit of our Presence on this Earth
may be one of Joy, of Love, of Compassion, Wisdom, Love and Kindness
and a merging of our sense of separateness into the womb of Existence.
This is the prayer I make today in Rishikesh with you,
for you for all of us, and that wherever your journeys may take you,
that this beautiful reminding, this beautiful Love and Wisdom
will continue to light your Path, to bring you Home.
Let it be so!



Everyone who attains liberation
must go through difficult experiences,
lots of troubles, tribulations and fear for some time.
Bigger than you imagine can come.
Actually, we are all experiencing these things on drip-feed
throughout the life, but remain unaware of this.
And if they are coming more intensely now
it is because you are at a stage where you can bear their weight.
Perhaps more love or the presence of a supporting spiritual being
raises your courage and new possibilities begin flowering.
But if you want to keep or protect your person,
these forces will grow and wrap themselves
around any sense of self you take yourself to be.
Self-inquiry, contemplation, self-surrender help you to surrender,
to offer everything up to the higher power
and to merge yourself with the God-Self.
And thus you find every good thing is with you.
The greatest love becomes your fragrance.
The greatest power flows inside you.
Nevertheless, doubts, hesitations and resistance will come.
Know all is well if you don't turn to yourself personally.
If you turn to yourself, turn to yourself Impersonally.
Thus you turn to the Supreme, to the Lord of the universe.
Just keep your head there under His holy feet
until duality and unicity become one.


Please, read and contemplate on this wisdom
Contemplations at Heathrow Airport
Mooji Baba shared these words just after landing
at Heathrow Airport, London, on 11 July 2016:

I was 16 years old when I first travelled by aeroplane to England, in 1969.
I landed here at Heathrow Airport. However, I didn’t have an entry permit
and was held in detention. After many hours waiting alone in a room,
I was finally taken to what was for me a prison block,
where I stayed till the next morning. I was then taken back to Heathrow Airport
and later that morning sent back to Jamaica.

This single experience has contributed so much to my growth
as a human being. I am deeply grateful for it and all that followed.
Since then, I never assume that I am entitled to anything,
such as to have any advantage over another
or that I am entitled to enter a country
because I have a current passport, or to get anything for free.

This whole concept of entitlement became dead for me.
To this day, I don’t assume that I am entitled to a single thing in life.
This attitude brought tremendous happiness and freedom to my life.
Through grace all things unfold by themselves in good timing.
I feel highly blessed living without expectations
and yet, I experience living as true abundance.
I say this from the phase of my earthly being.

There have been a few things that have stopped me dead in my tracks.
Such experiences have produced in me a humility, a gratitude
and an attentive sense of awareness and intuitiveness
to the unpredictability in life.
This life has truly been blessed and enriched
through personal difficulties.
I am not unique.

Often, what at the time may have seemed to be unbearable,
unjust or even desperate turned out to be blessings in disguises.
If I had to recall the best or most important or significant moments
of my life, I would include these events and experiences
at the top of any listing.
They each shaped who I would be and the role to be played in this life.
Each encounter, each Satsang is shaped out of these experiences also.
Meeting others as forms of the Infinite Self, empathy flows out naturally
to those who experience hardships routinely in life.
All abilities arose from these insights and experiences,
including the wisdom, strength and clarity to know
when not to feel overly sorry for people.

I say: No, no, no, you must use these very experiences to grow healthily,
to mature, to expand your awareness of life to the full.
It is so rewarding to take the best and highest overview
because you are not going to become wise on ‘Nutella experiences’.
At times, you are going to get shaken up, smashed or melted down
to your toenails on your journey, but you are going to come out
brighter, kinder, more loving and wise if you remember
what I am sharing with you today.

Become more grateful, open, attentive by not identifying personally
with the fleeting expressions of life. That’s the secret.
Many people wonder: ‘How can people who go through
so much hardship believe in God or love God?
What has God done for them?
He has only given you hardship.’
I say: No, no, no.
Through hardship he gives me tolerance and wisdom.
Through poverty he gives patience, gratitude, insights and kindness.
Through sickness he gives acceptance, humility and appreciation.
Through uncertainties he compelled me to contemplate,
inquire, trust and meditate upon Being.
These are tremendous gifts—priceless virtues.
If God gave me only money, I would just go and spend it
and do stupid things.
But hardship, sickness and even rejection help me to seek Him
more determinedly and to find Him,
and to value His unbroken presence and unfading love.
Many human beings think God exists mainly to give them what they want.
But God gives us not so much what we want,
but more what we need in order to evolve,
through wisdom, knowledge and direct experience of the living Truth.
Trust this.
Like this, we come to discover, know and love Him,
the Supreme Self, as our very own Self.

These human lessons help us refine our consciousness
and to wake up to the Ultimate, Absolute Awareness we are.


You must always keep thanking God for your life.
Always be grateful for as tough as life can seem,
its great that you're here to experience it and to transcend.
We're not here for a joyride.
You're here to transcend the very influences
that came through the mind and
to remember your Self and BE your Self.
That's how you turn earth into Heaven.
Then, you don't have to go to Heaven.
Heaven shows Itself in you.
We didn't come here by accident.
We came here by design, to be here,
to taste the life you're tasting and
to see it from the Highest Place.
Life doesn't change from outside, it changes from inside.
As you are, so life will appear for you.
It is you who can change your world, change your life.
And if you see from the Truthful Place,
it will become the most beautiful place outside,
because all that you see is interpretation.
What we are seeing is what we interpret.
What we conceive, that's what we see.
What is really there is only God.


Do you need a guru, a living Guru to be Realized?
You cannot realize the Self without the Grace of a living Guru.
If you are in a body, you need a physical guru.
If you are in a body you need a guru in the body,
otherwise the Guru is within, but you don't understand his language.
So the Guru in the body is necessary for the student in the body
so they can converse with each other and remove the doubts of the student.
Then the student will know that the Guru is within.

You need a Guru without
Just to tell you, "I am within you"
The Guru is formless Within you and you are also formless.
If you know this you don't need a Guru with a body.
If you are fortunate enough to find a Teacher with a body do not miss the chance!


Someone may turn to you for help
and you think, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’
Then you may ask, ‘Why does the universe
send someone to me knowing I cannot handle it?’
You will not be able to handle it if you have been
claiming and thinking, ‘I can handle everything.’
On the contrary, you may find things get taken care of
in spite of you thinking, ‘I cannot do anything.’

Everyone gets tested in life, you see?
And so much will be drawn to the surface.
You will speak words and act in ways that are totally 'out of character'
or unpredictable to the idea you have of who you are.
Then you come to bear witness,
to see and confess that some greater power is here.
Let it be called Grace.
And it is That which has stepped in somehow and saved the day.
Not the person, not the mind.
And from this understanding and insight, so much power flows out,
so much true surrender.
Because surrendering doesn’t merely happen by saying,
‘I want to surrender,’
it happens when you are called upon to serve
and you start to see your littleness,
your excuses and avoidances.
But a great voice is calling from the depths of your being
though appearing as if outside.

Now you are encouraged to drop that personal garbage, the ‘I’ excuse.
Because someone in greater need is in front of you.
Then you must stand up and say, ‘Yes, if I fail then I must fail trying.’
That is surrender.
That is practical surrender.
When help is asked for, guidance is sought from you,
and you don’t know anything
—what a powerful Satsang.
You are compelled to admit: I knew nothing and yet a being responded,
‘Thank you for rescuing me.’ Where did this power come from, you see?
Therefore, don’t say what you cannot do or can do.
Just be empty and present.
Let God’s breath move through you.

Mooji ♥
Monte Sahaja 2015

I just came from seeing the Dalai Lama.
He spoke of the problems of the world
and the need for everyone to do right action.
What is right action?

For an enlightended being
there is no consideration of past or future.
No consideration is given to the fruits of action.
Rather, action is taken in each moment from emptiness.
The fruits will take care of themselves.
The Dalai Lama was speaking to common man
who needs morality to guide his actions.
Enlightened beings recognise that morality itself is empty,
as is everything else.
Therefore, right action, right speech,
and the Buddha's eightfold path
may come as a consequence of emptiness,
but they will never lead to emptiness.
Therefore, a seeker of truth looks for emptiness only,
and everything else follows.

~ Papaji from the book 'Wake Up and Roar' ♥

May your life
continue to shine in sweet blessedness
in the depth of the spirit
in wisdom and pure love and light
May you come home totally
to your heart's kingdom
and continue to be a light in this world
Know that those who put
their full trust in God
though they seem to walk on earth
are ever established in
the kingdom of the Almighty

~ Mooji,
from the book ' The Mala of God'

Mooji ♥

What passes away is not Eternal.
Every form will pass away, and the Essence is formless.
If you are attached to the form you are making a mistake.
It is not the form which gives you light,
but something else which is deep inside your own Heart.
That is your Guru.
That Guru abides in the heart of all Beings,
not only human beings, but all the animals and plants.
You will see this when you see your own Essence within.
Then every plant and animal will speak to you as they speak to me.

Papaji ♥

Once you consciously know you are free,
desires will arise,
but they will not have a ground,
because these will be roasted seeds.
They will not have sprouted in memory.
You will already know the end. All desires actually end in freedom.
Your desire is fulfilled and you are empty.
The emptiness brings you happiness, but it is unconscious.
You attribute your happiness to a possession, not the emptiness.
It is freedom from desire that gives you happiness.
All attraction is Self to Self.
No body can give you happiness.
It is not the body, not the meat that gives you happiness.
It is Self to Self.
Attraction is Self to Self.
This is the secret.
Once you know it, there will be only love in the world.
Hatred cannot be there.
Only an instant is required for this recognition.
Once only.
Just a moment.
Look into and recognize yourself within this instant.
You don't need a long program spread over years to recognize this freedom.

You are already free.

It is only recognition that isn't there, that you are postponing it.
You must recognize your own nature or you will not be happy.

~ Papaji ♥

Find the best ways to quiet the mind.
The instant that the mind is stilled there is meditation.
Meditation has to be perennial, permanent,
not just sitting for an hour a day.
It does not mean chanting the thought, "I have to be free."
It means being centered in the Self, which is alone true;
all else is false.
There must be a very strong understanding in your mind.
It is not difficult once you discover the ability to discern
what is real from what is unreal.
Pleasures of the senses may try to distract you,
religions may promise you pleasures in heaven after life,
but you will have to abandon all these things.
Abandon studying any book; it does not help you.
Now you open your own book for the first time.
Open your own book and keep quiet.

Papaji ♥

don't be a warrior, just be yourself.
Don’t waste energy preparing for this mind-battle.
You are sharpening your sword
to kill dragons that don’t exist.
The more you think about them,
the more you empower illusions
and become deluded by them.
And then you are compelled to do battle
with an imagined enemy;
one created by your own projection,
arising out of your own fear and
appearing inside your mind alone.
In truth, man can only fight against himself.
So the way is not to fight,
rather, be in the fullness of your Peace
—the Peace that exists before duality arose.

Mooji ♥

Q: What is the difference between meditation [dhyana]
and investigation (vichara)?

Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Both amount to the same.
Those unfit for investigation must practise meditation.
In meditation the aspirant forgetting himself meditates
`I am Brahman' or `I am Siva' and by this method holds on to Brahman or Siva.
This will ultimately end with the residual awareness of Brahman or Siva as being.
He will then realize that this is pure being, that is, the Self.
He who engages in investigation starts by holding on to himself,
and by asking himself `Who am I?' the Self becomes clear to him. Mentally imagining oneself to be the supreme reality,
which shines as existence-consciousness-bliss, is meditation.
Fixing the mind in the Self so that the unreal seed of delusion will die is enquiry.
Whoever meditates upon the Self in whatever bhava
[mental image] attains it only in that image.
Those peaceful ones who remain quiet without any such bhava
attain the noble and unqualified state of kaivalya,
the formless state of the Self.

~ Ramana Maharsi ♥ From Be as you are book

Question: Mooji, why is there an emphasis on
finding and being with a living master?

The master is himself life.
He is the Self and therefore doesn't die.
People don't understand this because
they take the master to be the same as
they believe they are a body mind entity and,
of course, the body in time dies.

The Self, being unborn awareness, is eternal.
The true disciples realises this by the master's grace.
They apply the master's pointing earnestly,
for the master's presence and words
have entered their very being
and remain alive within them
as one single wholeness in and throughout
all circumstances and conditions.

Mooji ♥

Question: How can I fully abide in the Self?

The Self is the abode of everything
and you are already abiding in Self.
You are always in Self and yet you forget
and think that you have to do some practice.

But you don't need any practice.

That Self which you attain by practice is not the real Self.
Self is present everywhere always and is unattainable.
How can you separate from it?
Where are you that you could possibly be out of Self?

These kind of doubts appear only to those
who have not yet had experience.
You will know that you have been the Self itself all the time.
Now you don't see this because you have been busy elsewhere,
seeking elsewhere some object, so you could not have the experience.

Don't look for any practice to take you to the Self
because Self is always Here and Now.

Where can you go and leave the Self?

Find out who you are.
Everyday we deal with this question here in Satsang.
You must find out for yourself Who You Are!
Solve this question for yourself
or it is all just intellectual understanding.
You don't need intellect or mind to understand this.
Simply keep Quiet for one moment.
Then you will know who you are. Papaji ♥

Q: People practising meditation are said to get new diseases;
at any rate, I feel some pain in the back and front of the chest.
This is stated to be a test by God.
Will Bhagavan explain this and say if it is true?

Sri Ramana Maharshi:
There is no Bhagavan outside you and no test is therefore instituted.
What you believe to be a test or a new disease
resulting from spiritual practices is really
the strain that is now brought to play upon your nerves and the five senses.

The mind which was hitherto operating through the nadis [nerves]
to sense external objects,
maintaining a link between itself and the organs of perception,
is now required to withdraw from the link
and this action of withdrawal naturally causes a strain,
a sprain or a snap attendant with pain.

Some people call this a disease and some call it a test of God.
All these pains will go if you continue your meditation,
bestowing your thought solely on understanding your Self or on Self-realization.

There is no greater remedy than this continuous yoga or union with God or atman.
Pain is inevitable as a result of discarding the vasanas [mental tendencies]
which you have had for so long.

~Be as you are
Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharsi ♥

Q: Why is self-enquiry more direct than other methods?
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Attention to one's own Self,
which is ever shining as `I',
the one undivided and pure reality,
is the only raft with which the individual,
who is deluded by thinking `I am the body',
can cross the ocean of unending births.
Reality is simply the loss of ego.
Destroy the ego by seeking its identity.
Because the ego is no entity
it will automatically vanish
and reality will shine forth by itself.
This is the direct method,
whereas all other methods are done only by retaining the ego.
In those paths there arise so many doubts
and the eternal question `Who am I ?' remains to be tackled finally.
But in this method the final question is the only one
and it is raised from the beginning.
No sadanas are necessary for engaging in this quest.
There is no greater mystery than this -
that being the reality we seek to gain reality.
We think that there is something hiding our reality
and that it must be destroyed before the reality is gained.
It is ridiculous.
A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your past efforts.
That which will be on the day you laugh is also here and now.

~Be as you are
Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharsi ♥

This best and closest mecca is within you.
It is here, you need not pray for it.
You need not travel anywhere.
Just stay Quiet and see that your mind is not racing.
If your mind is racing in the beginning, bring it back.
Again it will go away and again bring it back.
Slowly it will learn how to keep Quiet,
because otherwise it will just receive beatings.

This is how you have to train your mind.
It will not be happy today or tomorrow,
but eventually he will be happy
with whatever you give or don't give.
So don't let this 'bull'
run and plunder other places and get beaten.
Keep him home and he will learn how to keep Quiet.

~ Papaji ♥

A relationship with a true master or guru is not an easy one,
but every day it becomes sweeter and more beautiful
as your heart and mind open up to truth.
I remember when I met my master, Papaji,
there was also some fear coming up inside me,
but I knew it was a healthy kind of fear.

There is always a part of the mind that wants
to tame people or win them over so they don’t threaten you.
You play to be nice, sexy, clever or entertaining.
You try everything to be loved and accepted.
We are both attracted to and intimidated by
the sense of 'other' but the master is not an 'other',
he is the pure reflection of one’s own real being.
He doesn’t allow any room for your mind-play.
Suddenly, in his presence, you feel like
you are the ‘other’—a stranger to what is natural and true.
The shallowness of ego comes up involuntarily
and you will feel out of your depth. In that moment,
the pain of not being who you truly are becomes unbearable.
Now the old tricks, the old currency doesn't work here.
It is like having a pocketful of Euros
in the middle of the Sahara desert.
There is no value for it here and something feels deeply uncomfortable.
This, in fact, is the greatness of the real master.
A defining moment: You must either run away
with your loot of fool’s gold or choose freedom.

A true seeker feels that deep energetic discomfort within,
but recognises it to be a great opportunity,
a chance for freedom from the tyranny of the false.
Though they may be trembling in their socks,
they say ‘yes’ with trust and courage
and enter the master’s presence and grace.

There is nothing to be afraid of really.
In fact, the master is not the cause of your discomfort.
Such presence only exposes the disharmonies of the ego
and invites the seeker to choose liberation.

Mooji ♥

I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally,
will find that place and know It's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering,
from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own, divine Being.

I did not come here to give you decorative stories,
to excite your imagination, or sign you up for some long program
but to show you how available Truth is,
and to remind you that you are never separate from It.

No person on this planet is apart from the Truth in the Heart
and yet the world is so vast and varied in expression.
The greatest good and greatest evil is here.
In this forest of duality and complexity you must find your way Home.
You must win your Self back.
Wisdom and trust will be your compass.

Many voices came to call us but we are here today
because we are freshly called by the voice of God, Love, Truth.
Do not come half way home, but fully home.
I know the voice that called you is true and Truth
and that where you are being called to is also Real.
It is inside your own Heart.
It is what gives me the strength to be here.

I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning;
from fears, false projection and the grip of ego.
And I know that to be liberated is not difficult.
It requires only openness and the sincere desire to be free.

I don't need to hear anything about your past.
Your stories are of no interest to me.
That is not how I know you.

I know you only through your Heart.
That is my true connection with you -
the living power of God.
It is That which I respond to in you
and it is only This that I know.
I can only keep reminding you of It
by pointing you again and again to the obvious in yourself.

Now you must respond to my pointing.
This will complete this yoga of seeing.
Find and be one with That which is imperishable.
Be merged in the Absolute.
Don't go to sleep.

Mooji ♥

Self is the indweller of all Beings,
so love of others is Love of Self, your Self.
Self is the greatest Love and the dearest of all lovers.
Love is the attraction of Self to Self in Self.
There is nothing besides this Love, this source of Joy.
See your own beauty and you are this Indweller, this Love
and the Beauty itself.

Neti, Neti; (not this, not this) but what you Are cannot be rejected.
It is Now only; waking or sleeping or dreaming.
It is still the Now which only Is.
Only Self is.

This present Moment is Light, is Self.
This Moment is not bondage or freedom.
It is most precious beyond ideation.
This Moment is the screen on which all projects.

It is always Still and Untouched and it is out of time.
There is no difference between the Ultimate and this Presence
To be in this Moment abandon all desires,
including the desire to be in it.

Papaji ♥

Visitor: I have lost interest in the world of name and form.
Finally, I came here to Lucknow.

Papaji: Sometimes people lose interest in the world
due to mental tensions which cause neurological problems.
Others lose interest due to a greater interest in peace and love and beauty within.
I can see from your face that you are not from the second group.
I see so much fear on your face.
Somebody probably mistreated you and this is what you are running away from.
Just stay here for awhile and you will be helped

Visitor: I am sick of being controlled by things which happened so long ago!
I want to be Free and always be like a soft breeze.

Papaji: The nature of the breeze is to never stay in one place.
She is always moving.
If she moves in a garden of roses she is not attached
to the circumstances that this is a very beautiful garden.
She doesn't say, "I will stay here." Her nature is to keep flowing.
The next place where she comes is some garbage where pigs are eating.
She just keeps on flowing, neither rejecting nor accepting,
neither attached not detached. This is her nature.
This nature will help all of us to be Free.
It is not to be attached or detached to anything that comes in front of you.
Just keep on flowing.

Now, the trouble is, we have attached ourselves to one place.
That place is relationship, especially with your own body.
You so much like your own body, but this is not the nature of the breeze,
therefore everybody suffers.
If you say, "This is a beautiful body and personality,
I want to stay in this body always," then you identify with it.
But this is not going to happen. T
herefore, you could have decided for one particular place,
one person, and education to make you happy, but you will not be happy.

The happy one is the one who keeps on flowing and
doesn't stay attached to one particular place or thing or person. T
his is why the breeze is always happy.

Papaji ♥

Reality is simply loss of ego (awareness of awareness).
Destroy the ego by seeking its identity.
Because the ego has no existence (being only thoughts),
it will automatically vanish (when you are still),
and Reality (awareness) will shine forth by itself in all its glory.
This is the direct method.
All other methods retain the ego.
In those paths so many doubts arise,
and the eternal question remains to be tackled.
But in this method the final question is the only one
and is raised from the very beginning.
No practices (sadhanas) are even necessary for this quest.
Your duty is to Be, and not to be this or that.
"I Am that I Am" sums up the whole truth;
the method is summarized in "Be still."

Ramana Maharshi ♥

*** Keep Quiet ***

When I speak about quietness -
when I tell you to keep quiet -
it is not easy for everyone to follow.

Most people here are from different
backgrounds, practices, sadhanas;
and therefore feel they need to do something,
to put something into practice.

When I say, "Keep quiet." it is not a practice.
There is nothing to be done and nothing to be undone.
This cannot be followed.
There is nothing to think about,
no need to make any kind of effort.
This is an indication of the quietness I am speaking about.
Truth always exists. Existence alone is.
It is called satyam.

We speak about enlightenment,
but first we have created bondage.
Bondage does not exist.

How can you remove that which does not exist?

First, teachers impose a concept of bondage
and then various practices are prescribed.

There may be millions of books in the world,
thousands more are published every day.
Nowhere does it say, "Be quiet".
When you simply say "Keep quiet,"
what is the rest of the book to be about?

There is no ignorance at all;
there is only existence - there is only satyam.
If you simply keep quiet you will know that only this exists.

Before the sun rises early in the morning
it does not first try to remove the darkness of the night.
The sun does not say, "Let me brush away the darkness
and only then, in the daytime, I will rise."

For the sun there is no night,
there is no darkness to be removed.
The sun does not even know that such a thing as night exists.
What practice is needed to remove darkness,
where is this darkness?

All practices imply the reality of darkness, of ignorance,
when in fact they do not exist.
The river in the sand is a mirage;
it does not exist, it never existed.
If you go closer and closer the sand not even is wet;
it is only a belief that makes us run after a mirage, nothing else.

There is only satyam; there is only Truth.
What need is there of practice?
It is only practice which is concealing the truth.

Papaji ♥

In this Heart there is no need for maps to get home.
The easiest thing is to be Here in this Love,
all else is effort and takes effort.

Remove all ideas: This is Love.
Love, the Heart, this Moment, Is the Truth.
To see this Love everywhere see only from Love.
See from Heart and you will see only Heart,
but see from ego and you will see ego.
This moment of Love does not belong
to a "me" or to a "you" so therefore I am in Love.
When mind is no-mind it is Heart.
Heart is Self, is Atman, is Emptiness.

Papaji ♥


When you meditate,
the ego rises and you become the meditator.
In this process, you objectify Reality,
which is actually who YOU truly are.

So the best meditation is to simply keep quiet here.
Don't follow any thought and don't activate the mind.
This is true meditation.

Knowing that you are meditating is not true meditation.
When you keep quiet here,
there is no meditator.
There is nothing to achieve in the future,
because everything is already here.
The meditator rises from here.

When you keep quiet that is no meditator,
no meditation and no object of meditation.
This is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Itself.
It is in this instant, in this space,
It is who you are, desireless,
Perfect Self.
In the twinkling of an eye you are FREE...

Papaji ♥

Previous quoutes

Don't talk so much about yourself.
It doesn't even exist,
but your talking makes it appear so. Keep quiet
inside your mind and being
and pray
that your ego disappears this day

Mooji ♥

Seeker of Truth,
if you should get the opportunity to meet
an awakened Being and ask one question only,
I would advise you to ask a freedom question
and not merely a knowledge question.
Knowledge questions are mostly asked from the position of a personal self
and the answers tends to develop one's mind and often one's ego also;
they rarely take you directly to the source.

A freedom question is fresh and risky, and the answer could,
profoundly, change something today.
It could completely reshape your perspective of life
and who you take yourself to be as the one ‘living' it.
The answer, received inside, could bring about
a transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

What could be a good example of a freedom question?
It could be:
"Without great pain or years of practice,
is it possible to realise my eternal nature,
and if it is, can you help me discover it today?"

If asked with a sincere wish to be liberated in this life-time,
a freedom question will lead you to one
whose light and presence will stir something deep inside your being.

They will not let your mind escape
or waste time with any cleverness or distractions,
but will steadily guide and walk with you
till you are again absorbed in your true Heart - the Supreme Self.

Mooji ♥

Oh Beloved, take me.
Liberate my soul.
Fill me with your love and
release me from the two worlds.
If I set my heart on anything but you
let fire burn me from inside.
Oh Beloved, take away what I want.
Take away what I do.
Take away what I need.
Take away everything
that takes me from you.

~~ Rumi ~~ ♥

When you realise the Self, you are free.
Freedom means somehow:
You are always in peace, you are not being peaceful.
You are always kind, you are not being kind.
You are always the Self. Not sometimes. Not mostly.
And then your ' And then' - stories are over.
There is no ' And then' for the Self.
What is it like inside the body?
It's like you are space moving about in space,
but not just dry, phenomenal space …
Spirit Space. Intelligent space.
Your mind is always quiet.
Even if it is momentarily troubled,
it will swiftly return to its natural peacefulness
for that is the true state of the mind.
You experience all emotions, even anger, even sorrow
but they are momentary - they don't become routine states.
You perceive all energetically. Your intuitive powers open up.
You understand things that cannot be explained.
Your being will not feel glued in this body
- it can move about and occupy different positions of being.
You don't judge other people - not deeply.
Whatever comes, bitter or sweet, your being will embrace it as Grace.
Such will be your good fortune

Mooji ♥

To be, just be, is important.
You need not ask anything,
nor do anything.
Such apparently lazy way of spending time
is highly regarded in India.
It means that for the time being
you are free from the obsession with 'what next'.

When you Are not in a hurry
and the mind is free from anxieties,
it becomes quiet
and in the silence something may be heard
which is ordinarily too fine and subtle for perception.
The mind must be open and quiet to see.

What we are trying to do here
is to bring our minds
into the right state for understanding what is real.

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Listen carefully now,
what I’m saying is very important.
Don’t search for any experiences,
even beautiful experiences.
Instead, just be
and allow yourself to see
what is not an event!
Don’t miss this.
It is more valuable than any satori…
if by satori you mean an experience that can pass...

What I am pointing to is always present...
but everybody has been missing it
by searching for the next experience...

Mooji ♥

Beloveds, please listen:
It is not wise to compare your life to that of others,
for each life stream is unique
and is the expression of pure spirit and being.
Know within your heart that your life
is tailor-made for awakening
in response to the will of the Supreme Being.
Even if great hardship comes your way,
don't complain, judge or fall into self-pity.
Don't waste energy like this.
Rather, use these same difficulties and circumstances
to sharpen your powers of discernment
and to intensify your drive for Liberation and freedom
from all psychological conditioning and evil forces.

You are here as life itself
flowing towards its own divine source.
Regard your life as auspicious.

Mooji ♥

All dependence on another is futile,
for what others can give others will take away.
Only what is your own at the start will remain your own in the end.
Accept no guidance but from within,
and even then sift out all memories for they will mislead you.
Even if you are quite ignorant of the ways and the means,
keep quiet and look within;
guidance is sure to come.

You are never left without knowing what your next step should be.
The trouble is that you may shirk it.
The Guru is there for giving you courage because of his experience and success.
But only what you discover through your own awareness,
your own effort, will be of permanent use to you.

Remember, nothing you perceive is your own.
Nothing of value can come to you from outside;
it is only your own feeling and understanding that are relevant and revealing.
Words, heard or read, will only create images in your mind,
but you are not a mental image.
You are the power of perception and action behind and beyond the image...

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

How does one find the faith in a Guru?

To find the Guru and also the trust in him is rare luck.
It does not happen often.

Is it destiny that ordains?

Calling it destiny explains little.
When it happens you cannot say why it happens
and you merely cover up your ignorance
by calling it karma or grace, or God's will.

Why do we need a Guru?

Somebody must tell you about the Supreme Reality
and the way that leads to it.
Most of the so-called disciples do not trust their Gurus;
they disobey them and finally abandon them.
For such disciples it would have been infinitely better
if they had no Guru at all and just looked within for guidance.

To find a living Guru is a rare opportunity and a great responsibility.
One should not treat these matters lightly.
You people are out to buy yourself the heaven
and you imagine that the Guru will supply it for a price.
You seek to strike a bargain by offering little but asking much.
You cheat nobody except yourselves.

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Previous quoutes

Q: Why do I imagine at all?

M: The light of consciousness
passes through the film of memory
and throws pictures on your brain.
Because of the deficient and disordered state of your brain,
what you perceive
is distorted and coloured by feelings of like and dislike.
Make your thinking orderly
and free from emotional overtones,
and you will see people and things
as they are, with clarity and charity.

The witness of birth, life and death is one and the same.
It is the witness of pain and of love.
For while the existence
in limitation and separation is sorrowful, we love it.
We love it and hate it at the same time.
We fight, we kill, we destroy life and property
and yet we are affectionate and self sacrificing.
We nurse the child tenderly and orphan it too.
Our life is full of contradictions.
Yet we cling to it.
This clinging is at the root of everything.
Still, it is entirely superficial.
We hold on to something or somebody,
with all our might
and next moment we forget it;
like a child that shapes its mud-pies
and abandons them light-heartedly.
Touch them -- it will scream with anger,
divert the child and he forgets them.
For our life is now,
and the love of it is now.
We love variety,
the play of pain and pleasure,
we are fascinated by contrasts.
For this we need the opposites
and their apparent separation.
We enjoy them for a time
and then get tired
and crave for the peace and silence of pure being.

The cosmic heart beats ceaselessly.
I am the witness and the heart too.

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Keep quiet, undisturbed,
and the wisdom and the power will come on their own.
You need not hanker.
Wait in silence of the heart and mind.
It is very easy to be quiet, but willingness is rare.
You people want to become supermen overnight.

Stay without ambition, without the least desire,
exposed, vulnerable, unprotected, uncertain and alone,
completely open to and welcoming life as it happens,
without the selfish conviction that all must yield you pleasure or profit,
material or so-called spiritual...

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Having come so far
as to discover all appearances to be unreal,
the final obstacle is the identity of the seeker.
The seeker says:
'I just want to be free,
I just want to be who I am.
That is all I want now, nothing else.'
He says,
'Please remove the last obstacle,'
not knowing it is he himself.
But all of this has only been our dream-talking,
dream-walking, dream-living.

Now, through the Master's guidance and Grace
one must twist oneself loose
from this conditioned identity as a seeker
by recognising that it too is observable,
and is therefore, phenomenal.

The seeker remains dissatisfied and says:
'You never answer my questions.'
The question and the questioner have been answered
but can the 'seeker' accept an answer
or response that reveals its unreality?

He says,
'Wow, but without me, how can I be found?'

And I say:
Without 'you' how can you be lost?

When this is grasped,
one has found the Master key to Awakening.

Mooji ♥

If all people were special
then the concept of specialness would disappear,
for there would be no comparisons to make.
It is all a vanity.

Paradoxically, as one begins to recognise the truth of this
and so keeps turning away from such tendencies,
a fresh space is felt opening up inside.
This is a sign of awakening to the real Self.
There is an emerging sense:
I am fine as I am in each moment and all is well.
There are no judgements now,
instead there is a calm and widening recognition
and acceptance of life in all its infinite and varied expressions.

It is this recognition that we can say is special,
for it brings our minds into alignment
with the universal heart vibration;
it communicates a sense of oneness
and a natural love and affinity with the whole of existence.

When we are again in our original state of oneness,
there is a harmony radiating inside our being
and so the need to stand out as special loses its appeal.

Our natural state is one of peace,
contentment, joy, wisdom and love.
There is a great love,
a capacity and flexibility that enables us
to shift our perspective and in doing so,
enter other points of consciousness
which increase our capacity to communicate
and understand through real harmony and compassion.
We recognise and live effortlessly
in our natural state of affinity and unity as one Being.

Mooji ♥

Trust yourself...
at the root...
at the core...
there is pure sanity,
pure openness...
don't trust what you have been taught...
what you think...
what you believe...
what you hope...
deeper than that...
trust the silence of your being...

Gangaji ♥

Have faith in God and in yourself;
that alone will cure all things.
Hope for the best,
expect the best,
toil for the best
and everything will come right for you in the end.
All that comes to us in this life,
good and bad is only there to bring one to Self-Realization.

I have not said that a Guru is not necessary.
But a Guru need not always be in human form.
First a person thinks that he is inferior
and that there is a superior, all-knowing, all powerful God
who controls his own and the world's destiny,
and so he worships Him or does bhakti (devotional practices).
When he reaches a certain stage
and becomes fit for enlightenment,
the same God whom he was worshiping
comes as the Guru and leads him onward.
That Guru comes only to tell him this:
`God is within yourself. Dive within and realize'.
God, Guru and the Self are the same.

Ramana Maharsi ♥

Keep a heart of gratitude for all that life brings you.
Everything is in service to your awakening
from this long sleep of delusion into your real Self
so full of life and love.
Say thank you to life.
Say thank you to God.
Say thank you to your most inmost being.
Even if you cannot see at the moment
what to say thank you for,
keep on saying thank you.
It will change the vibration inside
and make you light and open and full of love, forgiveness and joy.
In the end of all things: Don't worry.
All is in God' s hands.
Everything is good.
Everything is good.

Mooji ♥

Meet your own self.
Be with your own self,
listen to it, obey it, cherish it,
keep it in mind ceaselessly.
You need no other guide.
As long as your urge for truth affects your daily life,
all is well with you.
Live your life without hurting anybody.
Harmlessness is a most powerful form of Yoga
and it will take you speedily to your goal.
That is what I call 'nisarga' yoga, the Natural yoga.
It is the art of living in peace and harmony,
in friendliness and love.
The fruit of it is happiness, uncaused and endless.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

… sometimes what is happening is that there are many people,
who have a very sharp intellect and they understand,
they understand conceptually what the sages have been speaking about…

But they haven’t themselves sometimes assimilated it in the heart,
it is merely intellectual knowledge…
and these people they may have a gift of expressing things,
but they express it not with
the fullness of the love and wisdom that comes from the sages…

So they say things sometimes
that are truth but it’s not spoken appropriately…
so the truth is not true…
because it, the truth, when it is expressed,
means that everything is right about it…
not just it is right conceptually or verbally
but the timing is right and
the one to whom it’s been spoken is ready to hear this truth.

How would you know this thing?
Not as a human being… cannot know it…
Only by being empty,
somehow you watch universal consciousness
flowing and interacting with itself and
bringing forth this fruit of perfect understanding and love…

The person cannot do it, you see…
so many people are speaking these things but the timing is wrong,
they are just speaking it like it’s just a fixed thing
and the truth is not a fixed thing.
In expression it takes many forms.
And only the one, really… who is empty,
who paradoxally is also full of love and understanding
somehow can serve this *prasad of Grace and truth…
that nobody else can do it…

From 22 September 2013 tea satsang with Mooji♥ 58 minutes in...

Blessed is the one whose life is the evidence of Truth.
Blessed is the one whose life is the evidence of Truth.....
not the theory of Truth,
but whose life is the evidence and the fragrance that Truth IS...

Mooji ♥

Awakening is not for 'me'.
It is awakening of Universal Consciousness within form.

The fear is always greater than the actuality...
the fear comes because of lack of trust...
you feel you can take better care of yourself than God can...
you fear what God may have planned for you
may not be what you want...
this is probably true because the dreams we have,
are confined to what we know of life and ourselves,
which is infinitesimal to the vastness that is...
when we let go of what we think will make us happy,
we allow Grace to breath...
and great and beautiful things
not even imagined of,
are given space to happen...


The one who gets liberated is Consciousness ----
there is no entity.

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Break the bonds of memory and self-identification
and the shell [of the person] will break by itself.

There is a centre that imparts reality to whatever it perceives.
All you need is to understand that you are the source of reality,
that you give reality instead of getting it,
that you need no support and no confirmation.
Things are as they are because you accept them as they are.
Stop accepting them and they will dissolve.
Whatever you think about with desire or fear
appears before you as real.
Look at it without desire or fear
and it does lose substance.
Pleasure and pain are momentary.
It is simpler and easier to disregard them than to act on them.


Sometimes I meet beings who say they have realised the Self.
They believe or claim that they know and understand the Truth.
They say they sense it, feel it and are convinced it is what they are and so on.
However, it is often sensed here that
the mind takes delivery for this understanding
and purchases further life as the egoic ‘achiever’ of ultimate Truth.
Consequently, the realisation does not get baptised in the Heart
and a real chance of freedom gradually fades away.
Therefore, such beings can retain their sense of personhood, unknowingly.
Some even edit my words to fit in with their personal inclinations,
projections and spiritual fantasies,
but I want to burn all of this to the ground in order that they attain true freedom.
What we speak about here is authentic transcendence, you see?
One has to overcome the hypnosis of personal conditioning.
They have to be free from the psychological influence of the mind.
I don’t mean that you should ‘stop’ your mind but rather,
focus on the witness of mind.
Therefore, it has to be an authentic transcendence, not a Hollywood awakening.
Sometimes I say I don’t want or feel for your company.
You indulge too much mental and psychological noise.
There are too much relationships going on inside your mind.
Your representations of yourself mentally, emotionally, psychically
are not authentic expressions of the Self.
Such a localised identity is not enough
at this level of understanding, insight or,
we could say, Self-knowledge.

So what has to happen?
You have to be That.
How are you going to be That?
The ‘you’ who you take yourself to be cannot be That.
Being that is not a verb, an action you will take.
It is an awakening, a recognition so profound
that it changes your mind’s orientation immediately and irreversibly.
As real understanding takes over, it will be a life changing experience.
It is as though I am telling you to do something ‘you’, as ego, cannot do.
Your mind cannot do it,
but it is required of you to, acknowledge and be That which you are.
You have to be open to expose what is not in service to your true nature.
It is the highest aspect of my work, guidance or teaching
and it is more like an energetic correspondence, not only a verbal one.

Let the untrue be exposed and thoroughly burned.
Sometimes the way into that completeness, that recognition,
is that whatever is untrue is rejected as it is recognised as false,
either by you or by me.
And you may be thinking,
‘Oh my god, I really thought I was getting somewhere!
This is so discouraging’…
and so your world feels like it is turned upside down.
Do not be disheartened, instead keep an attitude of gratitude.
It is your good fortune that your ‘world’ is being crushed.
I myself don’t have a world.
Let yours be upside down so that what is true in you can reveal itself
and begin unfolding in its authentic expression as true life and being.
Grace is helping you in every way.
Trust it.

Say, “Yes, I am here, remove this sense of separation,
this arrogance of separateness and merge me in you,
oh God, oh Universe Being, Self, Truth, Life.
Don’t give me any technique.
Absorb me.
Replace me with You.”

And finally:
Trust your master.

Mooji ♥

When you are truly still,
beyond effort,
life will come and kiss you...

she will reveal pearls of wisdom
that can never be found in any book...

a flower will open inside your Heart
that can never be found
anywhere on this planet...

and a joy will arise that cannot fade...

Here, in unfading peace...
an intuitive knowing shines...

I am the timeless one...

Mooji ♥

You are joy,
looking for a way to express.
It's not just that your purpose is joy,
it is that you are joy.
You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing.
Energy—frolicking and eager—that's who you are.
And so, if you're always reaching for alignment with that,
you're always on your path,
and your path will take you into all kinds of places.
We will not deny that you will not discover miracles
and create benefits and be involved in creation,
and that you will not uplift humanity—
we will not say that you will not find satisfaction
in so many things that you create,
but we can't get away from the acknowledgment
that you are Pure Positive Energy
that translates into the human emotion of joy.

Abraham Hicks ♥

Excerpted from the workshop in Boca Raton,
FL on Saturday, December 13th, 2003

Because of mistaken perceptions, we have to walk all the way around the world and back. As long as we retain our identity as a person and remain loyal to our image of ourselves, we cannot understand our mistake. We say we know what Heaven looks like; but that's not it, because Heaven doesn't look like anything. When we talk about Heaven, it's all mixed with our perceptions. If we want to know the real Heaven, we have to know ourselves.

If you believe that at the end of your life, you're going to a certain place, consider this: Has any place in your life been satisfying to you at the soul level? Heaven cannot be a physical place. It is a state of Being.

If we have a strong idea of place in our minds, then Heaven will be a place for us. But Heaven is a state of Being - and it can also be lived out in a place. We are on the earth right now, yet we are in our Buddha land. We are in Heaven within ourselves.

If we know what the true "I" is, it doesn't have to enter any place. The scenes keep changing, but not the Seer. As it is on earth, some part of that will be in Heaven also.

As long as we have identity, the scenes will change. For the human being who has been caught up in the noise of personality, Heaven will be a beautiful relief. Can the ego be in Heaven? Of course it can - but only for a while. The true Heaven is within the Self.

Mooji ♥

If you think well of others,

you will also speak well of others and to others.

From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

If your heart is full of love, you will speak of love.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Everytime you smile at someone,

it is an action of love,

a gift to that person,

a beautiful thing...

Mother Teresa ♥

...........................The Universal Mantra.........................

The best mantra any being can say.
A mantra for every being,
Your Mantra is 'Thank you'.
Just keep saying 'Thank you'.
Don't explain,
Don't complain.
Just say 'Thank you'.
Say 'Thank you; to Existence.
'Thank you'.
'Thank you'.
You don't have to justify it.
And somehow your Beingness comes alive,
it's cleaned somehow.
Every being,
every one who comes in to your life,
if you don't understand what they bring,
you still say, Thank you'.
Just 'Thank you',
They kick you,
you may not say 'Thank you' immediately
but somewhere inside you,
you say 'Thank you'.
Just like this
See what happens.......
Ok Thank You.

Mooji ♥

To know what you are
you must first investigate
and know what you are not.
And to know what you are not,
you must watch yourself carefully,
rejecting all that does not necessarily
go with basic fact ‘I am’.
The ideas: I am born at a given place,
at a given time,
from my parents
and now I am so-and-so,
living at,
married to,
father of,
employed by,
and so on,
are not inherent in the sense ‘I am’.
Our usual attitude is ‘I am this’ or ‘that’.
Separate consistently and perseveringly the ‘I am’
from ‘this’ or ‘that’
and try to feel what it means to be,
just to ‘be’,
without being ‘this’ or ‘that’.
All our habits go against it
and the task of fighting them is long and hard sometimes,
but clear understanding helps a lot.
The clearer you understand
that on the level of the mind
you can be described in negative terms only,
the quicker you will come to the end
of your search and realize your limitless being.

Nisargadatta Maharaj ♥

Often, in the very moment the flower of pure consciousness is opening,
some fear,
nervousness and agitation comes up,
or a sense of being lost.
But something discerns that this is not the old kind of lost feeling.
It is not the same old confusion.
There is something exciting about this confusion;
it is like you are on the cliff of the universe.

Sometimes you have to be on the edge of the seat of your own life,
not always hiding under the bed looking out.
You have to be willing to stand on the cliff of your own existence
and feel the air of infinite possibilities
that you have never breathed before.
In such a moment you will not know a millisecond of what’s in front of you.
Nor will you be overly concerned.
Facing the great abyss,
you will say,
“Here I am, take me.”
And then plunge into the ocean of your own Source.

Mooji ♥

If you know that all is well,
you know all you need to know.
And if you know life is supposed to be fun,
you know more than almost anybody else knows.
And if you know that the way you feel is
your indicator of how connected you are to Source,
then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators,
respective to the total population, really know.
The beasts all know it.
Your animals know that all is well.
Your animals live in the moment.
They understand the power of their now.
They expect the Universe to yield to them.
They don't worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate.
They are Pure Positive Energy.
Your beasts vibrate more on the Energy scale of contentment than of passion.
Their desire was set forth from Nonphysical,
and continues to be set forth by those, like you,
who want Energy balance, who want sustenance.
The difference between the beast and the human is
that the beast is more general in its intent.
The human is usually less blended,
usually less allowing of the Energy to flow,
but is more specific.
And that is why the human is seen to be the Creator
while the beast is more the balancer of Energy.

Abraham ♥

Most human beings... many human beings,
they don't like other human beings...
because they reflect something which is inside themselves that they don't like...
but they think no... no... no...
it's in you... you carry this thing...
but if you're empty of this trait that you see, that you don't like...
it couldn't work like this,
if you're empty of it...
then you don't see any judgment in it...
When you are free of that judgment it ceases to appear, even external to you...
you don't see it,
or at least you look towards it with great compassion and understanding,
because you know it's not intentional...
We are not really ignorant by choice...
it seems like something is hiding the seeing...
so when we see someone,
somehow triggers some discomfort within yourself...
it's because somehow there is something there worth reflecting...
Now I take you a step further than this...
this which you are seeing in others and in yourself...
this self that you find fault with,
is only the idea you have of yourself...
it is not the true Self...
it is only the conditioned state...
the idea, the learned self...
the acquired self...
the conditioned self...
this is where all the bad smell is coming from...

Mooji ♥

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