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Bringing Prosperity to You


With greatest joy and love I welcome you to watch a video for bringing abundance and prosperity into all aspects of your life and current circumstances. I have created this video especially on Bhagavan’s Birthday 7 March 2014 with his blessings for your financial prosperity.

Watching this video will surely create a transformation in your entire energy field and current consciousness. It is about 77 minutes long. Please, watch it when you have time to do it; it is important for best results that you can just be with video’s energy and not get distracted with others or things to do while watching.

If you consider your life circumstances very much imbalanced, I suggest that you watch this video daily in 30 days and it will create miracles.

There was no time to upload to internet a full high quality version of this video to be ready on Bhagavan’s Birthday but it will be done in coming days. Video is uploaded to internet now and I believe that it should be ready to watch by the time of Bhagavan’s webcast on Friday.

This video is on the schedule in order to create a united energy field for prosperity which happens while many join watching at the same time. To begin with, the video will be on the daily schedule for coming 21 days.

You may watch this video whenether you like, you don't need to do it only when it is scheduled with others.

If you encounter problems with playing the video below, please, go to the version with less quality which works better with slower internet connection and computers with less power.
Click here for the version of video that requires less from the computer.

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