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Liberation Sutra Video by Mangala

I am happy to announce that I am launching Liberation Sutra video, about the Liberation Sutra that plays after every Oneness Meditation. It carries a powerful energy in it. But it will give you so much more if you realize and contemplate over its deeper meaning, which is the reason why I have created this video.

I hope you will like it... and I hope that my work is the means for your awakening. My deep wish and blessing for your awakening are imbued in this video together with my personal message and love energy that I am sending through this video from my heart to yours...

It has taken me about two months to produce this video and now I joyfully share it with you.

English version
Svensk version
Polska wersja

I have already received some feedback that I wish to share:

Hello Marlene, I just want to thank from my heart! I watched the video "Liberation Sutra" ojojojoj .... I'm floored, by the realization I got: Wow! How it affected me! Is it you who has done it? I'm speechless .. I do not know what to say, because I was totally .... totally ... I do not know what to say. I became so ... enlightened. Do not know what to say or which words use to describe. I'll watch it several times, over and over again, it has affected me so strongly, so deep into my soul ..... THANKS! THANKS! I hope you feel how much THANKS I would like to express to you! With reverence, Marianne Hjelm

Dear Marlene!
You are extremely competent with compositions of images, colors and music.
I am so touched. Is it your father and you like dancing? And is it your dad giving deeksha?
You are so lovely and beautiful! Thank you! Marlene for your large, open, warm heart.

Dear Marlene,
Thank you very much for sharing your video.
It was amazing! You did a great job!!!! Your happy dancing made me happy, too.
I bet you had lots of works for it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marlene you are an angel with your work your kindness and thought for others. I feel very blessed to know you and to have you in my life even in a small way. Thank you for all you do for our awakening to you

I’v just seen the whole video and loved it! I thought that I recognized bathing where the girls dove and when I saw the bridge, it was confirmed! Delightful video and nice work of love!
Love and Blessings

A truly wonderful film that you've done ... amazing. Thanks for all you do for the world .. hugs

Dear Marlene, Your work is appreciated. I've shown it to my Blessing groups and they are very moved. Your work is a huge service to God. Thank YOU!!!!

© Copyright 2010-2019, Foto: Mangala, Made by Inspiro

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