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Marlene takes pictures with love ...

I started to shoot as a child when my dad taught me everything he loved to do. I remember that already at age of about eight years old I used to help him in the bathroom which was temporarily converted to the developing room. It was so exciting for me to see the images coming to be on the white paper... I think I got my first camera when I was ten years old.

Photography is for me an act of love. It is my passion, something I love to do, both to shoot and then process the images digitally. I had a period when I developed the color images in my own developing room short before digital cameras came on the market. Everything that we today can do with digital pictures is a real paradise for me.

My photographs have been used for ads, brochures, posters, book covers, CD covers, magazines, electronic postcards, personal calendars, desktop support and home albums.

Personal photo shooting session
A personal photo shooting session is a great meeting with yourself. It's your day. You bring with you different clothes and we meet in quite an open minded atmosphere to bring out the beauty within you and take some great images. It goes on for several hours filled with joy, creativity and laughter. It is your inner journey where you learn how to get in touch with yourself and may experience yourself for who you really are.

I do photographs for web, print, poster, brochure, with children, animals, events... I come to you easily in Skåne. In other parts of the country you have to stand for all travel expenses.

You are welcome to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions and make an appointment for you. You will be surprised how much more will happen in you in addition to taking pictures :)

© Copyright 2010-2015, Foto: Mangala, Made by Inspiro

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